Every DynaMarine airboat we build is an expression of the personality of its owner, and each boat we build is an expression of our commitment to excellence in style, performance and quality. Whether you are new to airboating or a seasoned pilot, we are sure you will appreciate the DynaMarine difference.

See the DynaMarine Raptor

If you have a taste for the dramatic, the Raptor¹s aggressive hull design gives you more control in the corners for sharper handling, less slide and incredible top end stability. The Raptor begs you to push the limits.


See the DynaMarine Evo

The Evolution Series is DynaMarine’s take on the popular open hull style airboat. With signature Dyna style and performance, plus plenty of accessible space for your carry on gear and refreshments, the “Evo”is the sport utility vehicle of airboats.


See the DynaMarine Revo

DynaMarine’s Revolution is an edgier version of our open hull airboat. Take the utility of the Evo and add a more aggressive bottom profile similar to our Raptor sport boat and you’ve got the “Revo” . . . an all around performer.



The DynaMarine Experience

The first time you see one, your eyes whip back for a second look. You quickly realize that this is unlike any airboat you’ve ever seen before. The hull is sleek and sexy, the engine sounds potent and muscular, and the whole package is very obviously high performance.

Imagine a drift racer on water. You’re rapidly sliding into a corner and running out of room. At the last second you boldly mash the gas, crank the rudder hard and blast out of the turn in a thundering vortex of water vapor and monster V8 roar. Your Dyna instantly snaps back in the groove as you fly off in a new direction looking for the next challenge. Even if you’re a seasoned rider, once you experience the thrill of a Dyna, your whole idea of airboating will change forever.By nature, airboats are meant to take you where traditional powerboats can’t go. That means you can explore the natural beauty and get up close to the wildlife found in the swamps, rivers, creeks and marshlands . . . in comfort and style on board your Dyna

The fun of airboating doesn’t stop when you shut off the engine, and your DynaMarine provides the features and amenities that can turn your boat ride into an all day party. Crank the sound system, break out the refreshments, and pop a top. Your Dyna let’s you enjoy the great outdoors to the max.