Revolutionary Airboat Hulls

DynaMarine has set a new standard in airboat design with the revolutionary Vapor hull, and that is only the beginning. The innovative Vapor hull is a sleek hybrid shape that is designed to provide a very stable and controllable platform. The Vapor hull provides a predictable, responsive and stable ride, much like a sportscar, where good handling at the extremes gives the pilot confidence and makes things way more fun. Our new Raptor hull, set to debut for 2014, will provide a slightly different performance envelope than the Vapor, with turning chines to give the boat more “bite” in the turns and an enhanced straight line attitude.

DynaMarine’s hulls are the product of a great deal of advanced R&D and leading edge manufacturing technology. Under the sleek aluminum skin, integral framing is used instead of conventional T-bar construction. Structural members are precision cut on automated laser tables, then CNC punched and formed to produce a strong, yet lightweight framework. The entire structure is welded throughout. The deck surfaces are pressure bonded to the framing members using automotive grade adhesives for strength, structural integrity, and flex-free surfaces. For added protection underneath, the bottom of the hull is covered with a rugged, contour-matched UMHW polymer layer.

Our revolutionary hull designs ultimately produce DynaMarine’s signature smooth-as-glass ride, which is like nothing else in the industry. Whichever hull style you choose, your Dyna will deliver an exhilarating airboating experience.