DynaMarine Raptor On The Edge


With a unique hull shape that provides excellent straight line stability and more bite in the corners, the Raptor offers an exhilarating riding experience. And for the adrenaline junkie, this aggressive hull design will beg you to push the limits! The Raptor delivers a ride that is smooth and predictable, whether you run straight ahead, side to side, or simply want to glide on a relaxed cruise.

DynaMarine Raptor AirboatThe Raptor is a “deckover” design, which means the main deck surface covers the entire top of the hull. This provides maximum dry storage below and a continuous walking and lounging surface topside. The deckover style is popular with pilots who ride more aggressively and like to keep their gear dry.






Hull Design CharacteristicsDynaMarine’s sleek, extreme performance hull with plenty of bite and top end speed
Hull Sizes137 (13’ x 7’-6”) 147 (14’ x 7’-6” ) 148 (14’ x 8’) 158 (15’ x 8’) 168 (16’ x 8’) 178 (17’ x 8’) 188 (18’ x 8’)
(Custom sizes available for special commercial and sport applications)
Hull Storage- Up to three flush-mounted, below deck compartments (Can be used as dry storage, live wells or ice chests with optional insulation)
- Center louvered access hatch to below deck storage
- Grass rake utility hatch
Grass RakeAvailable in 18”-36” grass rakes available, with flush-mount LED lightbar(s) optional
Gas Tank30 Gallon Standard (Other sizes and dual tanks available)
Bottom Protection3/8” UMHW Poly, mechanically fastened (1/2” and 1/4” available)
Bilge SystemTwin 750GPH bilge pumps with auto float switches and stainless deck ports
* Specifications subject to change without notice.